Ken Rowe’s passion for animals is captured in this description of his experiences with Brutus, a bear he has known since Brutus was a small cub.

"What is so profound for me is to see his growth, maturity and majesty evolve," says Ken. "I am in such complete awe over his gentle, yet powerful presence; I literally feel an obligation to capture the scope of his essence in my sculptures. Sculpting in the field allows this kind of transition to take place. I actually get goose bumps before I see him, anticipating how it will feel to touch just one of his paws and how small I feel in comparison to this almost 1000 pound giant. I want my feelings for him and his unique personality to be captured in the piece".

Rowe has also focused on eagles as the subject of his passion and has created an unrivaled collection on this theme - ranking as one of the most authentic collections of bronze eagle sculptures in America.

When asked what inspired him to begin sculpting eagles, Rowe says, "It was like an epiphany. I found myself mesmerized by the flight, power and grace of eagles. Flight, in general, has always intrigued me. It boggles my mind to see anything fly," says Rowe. "I am inspired by the glory of nature." Rowe strives to retain in his work the feeling and emotion experienced while observing, sketching, and photographing in the field. He draws upon the power and beauty of wildlife and captures the internal spirit of the animal in every breathtaking detail and grace.

At one level, his bronze sculptures celebrate the power and movement of birds in flight. At another level, he creates sculptures that speak to the landscapes which span the American Southwest to the Alaskan Plains, magnificent bears, powerful horses, prowling coyotes, fierce wolves, elk, capturing their rhythm in a timeless form.


Brutus posing as an adult
Brutus as an adult posing for a sculpture


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